Why am I still in doubts – strengthen my heart edition


Why my heart is so hard to take decision to be a full time mother…? Even though, every morning I feel so hurt inside, find that how my children not willing to let me off to the office. As though they not satisfied to play with me. They don’t want to relinquish their arms to me.. 😦  How is sad their eyes, when waving their hands to me every morning

I feel so bad as if I’m not a good mother for them. Considering how a little time are left to play with them every night. I was tired on the way home  😦

My time with my three cute little children is limited. I wish I could spend more time with them. I hope that I always be beside them when they fall, when they win, when the laugh, when they need a hug, when they need a shoulder to cry on..

what should i choose .. happiness of my children or my parents proud?

I was at a crossroads. not knowing where to go.. 😦

on the one hand, I do still need the financial support of my work. on the other hand, the urge to nurture my own children is so important. whereas right now my husband’s income can not cover all the basic needs for our family yet. Moreover, to pay our mortgage debt.

I feel sorry for my husband, if he had to struggle to meet the needs of our family. While online business that I run, has not showed satisfactory results. In other words, not able to generate additional income yet ..

The most disturbing me is that we will not be able to pay our debts, if I stop working.

I should be able to make my online business successfully generate income such as while working as an employee. However I strongly believe, that someday my online business will generate good income for my work at home. ALLAH will help me achieve my dreams Aamiin..

I was at a crossroads….



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